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Core research

Collaborations + Inter-departmental Projects

​At the department of Physics I use my skills in computing and mathematical modelling to work alongside domain experts in high energy physics (the physicists!) and astronomy. We work together to look at problems from a machine learning perspective. We accumulate large sets of numerical data from experiments and with the end goal of training algorithms for automatic classification. I am currently working on techniques to classify rare decays and in astronomy to identify gravitationally lensed quasars.

A particle decay from ATLAS
Strong gravitational lensing

My core research is in the area of Gaussian processes (GP) which is a versatile non-parametric and probabilistic technique to conduct regression and classification. My research deals with several questions surrounding GPs.

  • How to make them more efficient (sparsity?)

  • How to make them more effective in high dimensional settings.

  • Exploring non-stationary covariance kernels.

  • Exploring if Gaussian processes can be used for density estimation.

  • The relationship between GPs and Neural networks.

#computing #statistics #data #images #science

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